Complete Foot Care

Treatment plans that are
tailored to you!

Your appointments 

  • We recommend that your foot and nail care appointments are carried out every six to eight weeks
  • This will maintain the health of your nails and feet, keeping them in good condition, ensuring you are comfortable and pain free

What’s included 

  • Included in your repeat appointments your nails are trimmed and filed, thickened nails are reduced, any hard skin (Callus) is reduced with a sterile scalpel blade, corns are removed (enucleated)
  • Feet are then smoothed with a sterile grit and a moisturising cream suited to your skin type will be applied
  • Pulses and skin integrity will be monitored at all appointments
  • Footwear and foot care advice will also be offered

Extra treatments 

  • During Covid-19, if extra treatment is required, a second appointment will be booked, for as soon as possible. This is to limit the amount of time spent in the clinic or to limit the amount of time spent on a home visit