Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction

Cosmetic Toenail Restoration, let us rebuild your nail so only you know! 

You will have the confidence to show your feet when you can finally wear those sandals in summer!

Cosmetic Toenail Restoration using 'Wilde Pedique' from LCN (Light Concept Nails)

Many men and women suffer from unsightly toenails and are embarrassed by their feet. In order to hide them from their friends and family they often wear a full shoe, socks, or paint over the damaged nail to disguise it, often making it worse in the process!

"Let us rebuild your damaged nails so only you know!"

These types of nail may be fungal, misshapen, or permanently damaged

Perhaps you have damaged your nails playing sports and still want to play, but wearing shoes is uncomfortable without a nail to protect your toe?

Nails that are permanently damaged can wear LCN Wilde-Pedique all year round with professional regular maintenance!