The new clinical test for fungal nail infections 

At Reflex you can be confident you are receiving the correct treatment with professional fungal nail testing and branded medicaments, following N.I.C.E guidelines. We will not recommend any shop made potions or lotions that have no scientific evidence proven to work on dermatophytes in fungal nails. 

There’s a new clinical test for nail infections which gives accurate results in under 5 minutes! No more having to wait to visit your GP, who will probably request nail clippings to be sent away to an NHS laboratory and grown on a culture, with results expected in several weeks, that can often come-back as a false-negative result.

At Reflex Foot Care, we offer you a quick and highly accurate in-clinic test (97% accurate with reliable scientifically proven results compared with 46% – 54% accuracy of that with traditional laboratory route), with results confirmed within only 5 minutes of taking a nail sample! It’s the new clinical diagnostic test, developed in Japan and brought to the United Kingdom by renowned Podiatrist, author and researcher, Dr Ivan Bristow.

This simple and effective Five Minute Fungal Nail Test is transforming the way foot healthcare professionals diagnose dermatophyte (fungal) nail infections with rapid and highly effective in-clinic test results.

  • Rapid Results in just a few minutes, whilst you wait

  • No need to send your nail clippings to the NHS laboratory

  • No long waiting time for results, which may take up to 4 weeks via NHS

  • Detects the presence of all common fungus types from the smallest sample of nail

  • Immediate diagnosis, allowing us to treat the infection without delay

  • Scientifically proven to give highly accurate and reliable results

" The five minutes it takes to test for fungal nail infections is a game changer in our clinic, we can proceed with the correct treatment for our patients, knowing exactly the condition of the nails."

Hayley Wright

The ‘5’ Minute Fungal Test