What a visit to Reflex Foot Care will be like during the Coronavirus

During these unprecedented times, clinic visits will feel a bit different! Watch our video to find out more..

Reflex Foot Care & Clinic Appointments During Covid-19

"Providing necessary medical foot health treatments for our patients, in our Covid secure clinic during these unprecedented times, remains our top priority"
Hayley Wright at Reflex Foot Care

Our Patient Safety 

When you attend the clinic, there will be some new protection measures in place. We understand that some of these might seem a little strange at first, so please read on to see how you can help us to keep you safe.

Your Foot Care

The challenge for foot care is that it runs the gamut of risk from patients who could possibly self care or manage, albeit uncomfortably, for a few weeks up to 3-6 months - through to those for whom losing access to treatment would represent a more significant medical risk than Covid-19 represents.

We are here for you

Medical foot care has now been classified as essential, meaning you can safely attend your appointments. 
If you are shielding, or simply wish to reschedule your appointment, we are happy to help you through these difficult times.

Appointment Flow Chart

How are you and your feet?

Are you showing ANY symptoms of
Or had any contact with anyone in isolation for Covid-19?
  • NO - is your foot problem mild or self manageable until the full lock down is lifted or until your self isolation period ends?
  • YES - we would like you to postpone your appointment until you are out of isolation and/or you are not showing any Covid-19 symptoms.

Keeping you safe during your visit

  • On the day of your appointment, when you arrive at the clinic please wear your mask and wherever possible attend alone.
  • We will greet you at the door and ask you to use the hand sanitiser upon entering.
  • We will also take your temperature and record this in your medical notes. 

Temperature checks

  • If your temperature is over 37.8 degrees you may be asked to attend on a different day. 
  • If your temperature is under 37.8 you will be shown in to the clinic and you can take a seat in the treatment chair.

"A Step in the 'Wright' Direction!"